Human Resource Manager

Informações básicas

Empresa: Biotecnologia

Local: Brasilia, DF

Vaga: Human Resource Manager

Requisitos aplicáveis

  • Undergraduate degree or above, relevant management majors preferred, management work experience, with CRO industry human resource work experience as a priority;
  • Familiarity with relevant Brazilian laws and regulations and with experience in handling labor relations;
  • Good overall personal qualities, willing to take the initiative to learn the foreign culture, able to integrate into the overseas environment and communicate well with the team abroad.

Descrição da vaga

  • Responsible for establishing and improving the company's HR-related systems, processes and procedures, formulating and implementing the relevant supporting policies for HR strategic planning, and conducting regular assessments of implementation;
  • Approve the company's annual personnel demand plan and staffing plan, organize the development of recruitment plans and recruitment programs, allocate personnel efficiently, and be responsible for the selection, inspection, assessment and training of employees in key positions;
  • Responsible for the overall planning, design and change of the company's compensation system according to the company's strategy and operational needs;
  • Periodically collect and research the salary situation in the industry and market, and form feasible plans according to market changes and business needs in a timely manner;
  • Responsible for employee relations management, proper maintenance of labor relations, dealing with labor disputes smoothly and avoiding legal risks;
  • Responsible for implementing all HR affairs and other company matters.

Salário e remuneração

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Código da vaga

VM 05

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